TiptonTalks is about the people of Tipton County, Indiana. The unique history of individual people told from their own perspective, the Living History of our community.


My office, HERON Real Estate, is in an old building.  When I was a kid, it was The Tipton Tribune office and has been many other things throughout the years. As I was working on the place, we discovered it was originally the Inter Urban Rail Road Depot. Where my desk sits used to be tracks and we have a photo of a train sitting in the middle of the street. We also found that the steel beams are not really beams at all. They are rails from the Inter Urban!  That’s what started my interest in history.

As I get older, I realize that history doesn’t have to mean a long, long time ago.  I like history, local history, as it’s being made too.  Why wait until it’s too late. We talk to people that have something to share. Many times, that turns into history people in the future will talk about and you can say, “ya, I was there when…”

Indiana Railroad, Car 445. Tipton, Indiana. September 7, 1938.

www.tiptontalks,com now interviews people that have spent a good portion of their lives here in Tipton. We get the history of the area not from books, but from the people that lived it themselves, and also from the people making history today.

There is also a Gallery page. This page is set up for your pictures.  If you have an old photo, or jsut a really cool photo of Tipton, email it to me and we will put it on the Gallery page. If you can’t email it, bring it by and I will scan if for you.

History is alive.  Let’s keep it that way.